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Uber Insurance in New York City

Uber rides in New York City are regulated by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission. They require commercial insurance policies for each vehicle. Any accident that happens on rides originating in New York City is covered by the commercial policy maintained by the driver.

According to New York’s ridesharing laws, Uber Transportation Network Company Driver Partners (TNC Drivers) are covered by Uber’s group ridesharing insurance while connected to the Digital Network.

Uber Insurance in New York City

Rideshare Insurance

Your personal automobile insurance does not cover incidents that occur when using your vehicle as a rideshare operation. Without a specific rideshare policy, you could find yourself in trouble when the unexpected happens. You can also be dropped by your private insurance if they realize you are using your personal vehicle in a commercial capacity.

Even with the rideshare company providing insurance, if a liability claim is levied, then the coverage from the rideshare company might not be enough – and you can be left holding the bag. If you plan on driving for a rideshare company, consider this: the more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to have an accident. When that happens, you want the best insurance in the industry on your side.

Taxi Insurance

We are committed to excellence in providing business and transportation insurance. This affords us the in-depth knowledge and experience to provide Taxi, Limousine and Ambulette Insurance. The right insurance can protect you your taxi or livery business from a multitude of unexpected situations.

Our goal is to ensure you receive the insurance coverage for your every need. Whether you are an owner, operator or have a fleet of vehicles – we aim to find the best rates to keep your vehicle insured and on the move! We can help you find coverage from select brokers throughout the five boroughs. This includes collision coverage, automobile liability and coverage for the employees utilizing the vehicles.

Taxi Insurance in New York City

Uber Insurance Staff in New York City

Best in the Industry

We have the most competitive rates, payment plans and deposits available. Our staff and call center will assist you with new policies, claims, changes and whatever is needed to make your driving experience a better one. Our office also offers online payments via credit card or check as well as recurring payments for all of our insured partners.

If you plan on driving for the rideshare industry or a taxi, the intricacies of insurance coverage can feel overwhelming. The different price points feel like money being taken directly out of your wallet.

This is where we come in.

Drive at Ease

You are at risk every day that you are on the road. Is that something you want to leave up to chance?

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