Uber Driver Health Insurance: What You Have To Know About Drivers Health Insurance

Uber Driver Health Insurance

Casey Simpson, an Uber driver, had one of the best days of his life when he broke all records for earning the most money on a trip with a fare of $1,381.56, yet that figure did not account for the tip! This lucky man was driving to Iowa during the state fair’s last day and the same time when Uber’s rate surged at 11 times at one point.

But not every day is a lucky day, and you know that. Disaster strikes sometimes – accidents on the road.   And before you know it, you’re on the phone talking to an Uber staff or insurance staff. Whichever, accidents do happen, and that’s when talks about insurance come in. The next question now, “Do you get health insurance from Uber?”  That is what we’re itching to discuss in the following.

Does Uber Give Health Insurance?

As an Uber driver, you are covered with liability coverage, and in fact with a much better insurance provider.  Each driver gets $1,000,000.00 from Uber that also offers an excess insurance policy.

And based on the latest update from its Newsroom, Uber has also collaborated with other leading US insurance service providers, Farmers Insurance and Allstate insurance, along with their longtime insurance partners, Progressive and James River, beginning March 1.

But to be covered, a driver-partner must be online, and that is from the moment he logs on the app, waiting for a trip request. One is also covered while driving to pick up the passenger and until the trip ends. During the Uber trip, the rider is also covered.

For proof of insurance for states, see here know which state each insurer will be serving.

Health Insurance Service Providers For Uber Driver

Jamie River is a specialty insurance provider that has been in the business since 2003. It has been serving commercial customers with the solutions they need for their particular insurance requirements.  It is easy to file a claim to the insurer.  Check out the following for Uber reporting forms link.  Click and complete the form that applies to you.

However, the insurer does not insure drivers in all states.


The insurer believes that Uber driver-partners deserve high-quality insurance at affordable prices. They offer insurance no matter the number of years a driver is driving. And provide rideshare driver protection in two ways.

  • One can be a rideshare endorsement to a personal auto policy in states, such as Idaho, Georgia and Illinois.
  • The other is insurance as a commercial for-hire livery policy that is reserved for business transporting people, and these include taxi service or a luxury vehicle. Uber drivers qualify for it because they earn from transporting passengers.


Rideshare insurance can help prevent a coverage gap because it can extend auto insurance coverage when an Uber driver-partner is logged in while waiting for a rider match.   This insurance is one of those that Uber drivers can choose for an added coverage.

For health insurance, if required, there can also be personal injury protection and medical payment.

Do Uber passengers get insurance coverage if an accident happened at driver’s fault and the passenger is harmed?

If you’re an Uber passenger who got hurt in an Uber accident, you’re covered by the Uber driver’s insurance policy. In general, you must also be covered under the excess policy and liability policy. This is applicable no matter who’s at fault in the road accident.

Uber purchases insurance of $1,000,000 for each Uber driver.  Even if the driver was drunk, reckless, distracted or under the influence of substances, you will still be covered by the driver’s policy even if Uber might try to avoid giving you compensation.

There you have what to know about the Uber driver’s health insurance. Hope this article answered your most provocative questions: What are the top insurance companies for Uber drivers? Does Uber provide health insurance? And do passengers get insurance coverage?  If you have more questions, feel free to ask. Finally, share this interesting post on Facebook and enlighten other Uber drivers and riders today!